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Longtime ART Supporters Become Members of ďThe Silver Rose SocietyĒ

ARTís Board of Directors welcomes Joe and Laurie OíRourke from Montana to ARTís exclusive Silver Rose Society

 This wonderful couple has been loyal members of ART from its inception way back in the early 1990s.

The Silver Rose Society was formed to honor lovers of beauty who wish to share their values with others and support the work of ART in an especially generous manner.

The late sculptor Frederick Hart conceived the idea of a Silver Rose stickpin (suitable for menís or ladiesí apparel), and sculptor/jewelry designer Gerd Hessness designed and executed an exquisite piece of sterling silver jewelry exclusively for ART. This subtle and silent declaration of values may result in discussions decidedly not so subtle or silent, but either way it translates into publicity for ART. These jewelry-pins have also created camaraderie among beauty lovers and become unique collectorís mementos for our high-level donors.

For individuals or corporations who donate $5,000 or more we inscribe their names on the bronze bas-relief plaque that bears the Silver Rose symbol along with the names of other qualifying donors. This plaque (designed and donated to ART by sculptor Michael Wilkinson and cast as a gift by Elliot Gantz Foundry) hangs in ARTís presidentís office for all visitors to see. Silver Rose Society members also receive the above-mentioned Silver Rose pin, signifying they are a member of the Society and a staunch supporter of beauty and humanistic values in all of the fine arts. 

Those of usónow including Joe and Laurie--who wear this beautiful rose pin proclaim our dedication to beauty and to a positive attitude toward the world and humankind, to live with grace and the conviction that joy and happiness are possible, and to champion the values of the American Renaissance for the Twenty-first Century foundation not with a sword but with a rose.

We at ARTís helm are grateful to Joe and Laurie OíRourke for their generosity in helping to further our mission, and we are proud to add their names to the beautiful bronze plaque that will live on forever as a testament to our shared values. 

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