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We are pleased to announce the publication of Alexandra York’s new book on secular spirituality. Her thesis is original, life-enhancing, and includes an entire chapter on art.

                 SOUL CELEBRATIONS 


                  SPIRITUAL SNACKS

  No matter what a person’s situational context may be, everyone can discover new, enlivening, and soul-stirring experiences for personal happiness, inspirational energy, and spiritual fulfillment.  For art lovers, there is an entire chapter devoted to spiritual experiences through art.

The e-book, paperback, and hardcover are available on all of the usual outlets like Amazon, B & N, etc.  The print versions also can be ordered from any bookstore.   As usual, wherever readers are in the world, Alexandra will send an inscribed bookplate to paste into the front of the book.  Also, with the holidays coming up, this unique book will make a thoughtful, life-enhancing (and fun) present for many on your gift list. If you send her the names of your recipients—Alexandra@ART-21.org-- she’ll send bookplates to paste into each book, so it will be personalized. Since your request may go into Spam, please put SC & SS in the subject line.


This tightly packed but eminently well-articulated guidebook is full of new, original, and unique ideas for highly personal, deeply spiritual happiness that will appeal to both religious and nonreligious individuals.  Basing its premises in values—and everyone has values--it  offers broad avenues and private pathways to achieve a variety of sustained, empowering, exalted, and expansive “Soul Celebration” experiences that are singular to every individual because each person’s value system is exclusively theirs alone.  In addition, it offers smaller, simpler “Spiritual Snacks” to provide instantly available, delectable bits of spiritual nourishment and inspirational energy for those wishing to “spur-of-the-moment” experience the wondrous joys of being alive and active in today’s whirlwind world.  

Our essential self-created or accepted value center defines our distinctive personhood. This interior core can be activated by external stimuli into experiences of sustained secular spiritual bliss, which become celebrations of our one-and-only individualized Self.  How?  By connecting to and uniting—becoming “One”—with three “other” here-on-earth entities that can stimulate our value center both emotionally and physically: nature, art, and romantically beloved humans. These three, and only these three, open gateways that can provide the highest renewal to the essence—the soul—of Selfhood in a secular manner. 


Rain can become a spiritual experience rather than cause for an umbrella. By learning how to approach the wonders of the physical universe selectively and in a focused manner, we can experience a “merging” with chosen aspects of nature and come away with a gloriously fulfilled sense of having participated in eternity. A museum stroll, a novel, and music may turn into empowering experiences that nourish the soul because art at its best expresses ideas that make manifest—in an external, material form—the artists’ internal values; if those values match our own, we may feel elevated to the point of true exultation and experience the art spiritually as well as aesthetically. Romantic love with its sexual component can become the ultimate secular spiritual experience because the most desirable and cherished human being is a living embodiment of our top, supreme values—and that makes this mind-body union the most sacred of all.  Plus, happily, aside from these three primaries, families and friends are two secondary subcategories where delightful and rewarding spiritual-like experiences can be shared.

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