Visions of Values


This exhibit featured 13 contemporary representational painters and sculptors (displaying 39 works of art) and was produced by Alexandra York just as the ART foundation was established. It opened the 70th season of Grand Central Galleries in New York City and was later produced a second time as the inaugural exhibit for the Sage Center for the Fine Arts at Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Note: Most of the art shown here and all work by the artists represented can be purchased through the ART Foundation at a modest commission, so please inquire. A four-color, 52 page catalogue, including complete bios of the artists and all the exhibited artwork is also available for $10*

F.D.R. Station
P.O. Box 8379
New York, NY 10150-1919

* Inquiries about availability can be made by calling (212) 759-7765

Artists Featured in The Catalogue. . .
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EvAngelos Frudakis
28" Bronze on
carved marble
Bald Head, Maine
Frank Mason
48"x60" Oil on canvas
Frederick E. Hart
20" Bronze

Breath of Morning
Christian Volkoff
9"x12" Pastel and pencil

The Beachcomber
Anthony Frudakis
21" Bronze

Rainy Road
Douglas Edward Jamieson
18"x24" Watercolor