The following poems appeared originally in ART Ideas
  Sonnett to Modernists
by Mildred Breedlove

  The Storm
by Gerald Harnett

  An Everlasting Rose
by Emily Becker

  The End
by Karl Westmann

  The Artist of Fashion
William E. Baer

  The Poet Moderne
William E. Baer

  Cherry Blossom Time
by Claudia Gary Annis

  Winter Night
Sherry Lazarus Ross

  First Site
by Robert Daseler

  I Am 
by Alexandra York
    The following poems are in
SONNETS: 150 Contemporary Sonnets

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  Miss Organization
by Allison Joseph

by Marion Shore

by Jacie Raga
    The following two poems fall into the poetic category of Ecphrasis (or directly transliterated "ekphrasis"). Ecphrasis is a term used by classicists and art historians to indicate that the poem is inspired into being by the descriptive or interpretive desire on the part of writers to relate to or interact with a work of art (usually but not exclusively paintings) in poetic form. In ICARUS and ICARA, both writers were inspired by works of sculpture that in themselves already relate back to the written form of myth.
by Moira Russell

By Alexandra York

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