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Board of Directors

As a life-long professional, Alexandra has always been involved in the arts—ballet, piano, drama, and voice—performing in all of these areas from childhood on. At seventeen, as a university freshman, she became a certified ballet instructor with the Cecchetti Council of America and thereafter during college operated her own dance studio, teaching and choreographing full ballets to help finance her higher education at Michigan State University, where she obtained two degrees simultaneously. She began her writing career at age eighteen (while still in school) and studied the visual arts in New York City where she moved after graduation. This early and ever-continuing direct experience in the fields of dance, drama, music, and literature as well as critical knowledge in the visual arts has given her a rare insight into the inner workings of the artistic imagination as well as the techniques by which aesthetic perceptions are realized.

During her adult career, Alexandra has devoted much time and effort toward writing articles and essays that champion the works of noteworthy contemporary artists and critique American art and culture in general for countless publications. In addition, for the last eight years she has written as an ART and CULTURE columnist for the largest American Internet news source. As spearhead for the ART foundation, Alexandra curated and produced two pivotal art exhibits in New York City: "THE LEGACY LIVES: A Celebration of the World at its Most Beautiful and Man and Woman at Their Best," at Lever House and "ROMANTIC REALISM: Visions of Values" at Grand Central Galleries both of which were later exhibited at the Sage Center for the Arts at Michigan's Hillsdale College, and she also edited and published ARTIdeas, ART's quarterly journal for six years. Her writing career spans internationally published books (Macmillan, McGraw-Hill, Van Nostrand, Ballantine, Book-of-the Month Club, Mir Knigi for Russian translation and Grito Sagrado for Spanish, newspaper and magazine essays, articles, and speeches (Reader's Digest, Vital Speeches of the Day, USA Today, Vogue, The New York Times, New Woman, Chronicles, The Intellectual Activist, Imprimus, American Arts Quarterly, etc.), poetry, and lyrics.

Notably, in other media, she both wrote and performed a biweekly feature on WPIX-TV Evening News in New York City; wrote and hosted two national talk shows on CBS Radio Network featuring the contemporary art scene and reviewing films; wrote and supervised advertising copy for a major Madison Avenue firm; performed as principal actress in radio and TV commercials both in the US and Europe, including a year-long stint as an exclusive national TV spokeswoman for Clairol, Inc.; starred in a triple-award winning short film; performed in Off-Broadway and major Industrial productions; and appeared nationwide on the TV/Radio Talk Show circuit, including The Today Show, ABC's Eyewitness News, and Larry King Live to name only a few. As a lecturer, she has spoken in every possible venue from Celebrity Town Hall Series to universities and corporations, to luxury cruise ships.

This long and varied background as writer/lecturer/producer/performer in the arts uniquely suits this multi-talented and highly accomplished woman to lead ART's endeavors. She is the 1997 recipient of the Whiting Memorial Award, given by the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry - ISPE—in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the advancement of society (and as an interesting sidenote, also received a national award as "best editor" of a Rolls-Royce motorcar magazine, The Atlantic Lady). Her most important books are SOUL CELEBRATIONS AND SPIRITUAL SNACKS (an original thesis on secular spirituality — including art experiences— that appeals to both religious and nonreligious individuals), FROM THE FOUNTAINHEAD TO THE FUTURE and Other Essays on Art and Excellence, and CROSSPOINTS A Novel of Choice that is set in New York's art world. She is listed in Who's Who of American Women and Who's Who in America.

President of BMR Associates, Inc. based in New York City—a national commercial real estate finance/investment company—"Barry" is also President of Skylark Investments, an investment and financial advisory- consulting firm and is active in various investment partnerships throughout the country. He single-handedly managed the establishment of ART as an IRS tax-exempt 501 (C)(3) nonprofit educational foundation in 1992 and solely funded all of ART's activities for the first several years until the foundation could stand financially on its own through its membership and other contributions. He continues to fund ART personally as well as advise on and manage ART's financial matters for the foundation.

Dr. Rioux is a Clinical Professor of Neuroscience at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Science and an Instructor at Mayo Medical School; past president of the North Dakota Psychiatric Association; and former president of The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry. He is listed in Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare and has been selected as one of America's Top Psychiatrists by the Consumer's Research Council of America.  "Pierre" became a staunch supporter of ART from its very inception, funded a major sculpture commission for ART Advisor EvAngelos Frudakis in a Brookgreen Gardens Museum project, became a well appreciated advisor and friend to ART's president along the way, and accepted her invitation to serve on ART's Board of Directors in the year 2000.

Board of Advisors

Painting Advisors

Founder and Executive Director of The Florence Academy of Art in Italy, Daniel exemplifies the Academy's commitment to the tradition of the importance of receiving instruction from teachers who are also active painters and sculptors in their own right. The tradition he refers to is that of the humanist spirit in Western-heritage art, which has its origins in the Greek sculptors and painters who tried to faithfully capture the forms of nature, in so doing expressing ideas of beauty and significance.

After graduating Cum Laude from the Maryland Art Institute in 1972 and studying and teaching with such American painting luminaries as (among others) Richard Lack in Minnesota, the desire to connect closely to that tradition at a time when it was no longer whole, when it was considered passé, and to want to do so when its language was being forgotten is what drew him to Florence in 1978 to work and to teach. Now, what began as an atelier has grown to a large and thriving accredited art school with branches in Sweden and the US. Daniel's own personal work is known for its beauty imbued with ideas and has been exhibited world-wide, including the Hirshel Adler Gallery in New York City, and his collector list is an international roster of discerning art connoisseurs.

Emeritus Professor of Art, Hillsdale College in Michigan. Sam taught there continuously from 1973 until 2020 and chaired its Department of Art for most of those years. Specializing in portrait and landscape painting, he works in both oil and watercolor and is one of a handful of artists working in the demanding medium of egg tempera.

In the Year 2000 international competition of the American Society of Portrait Artists, his oil painting titled The Violinmaker was one of only nine award winners. In 2009, his egg tempera The Woodcutter was awarded First Place Aqueous Media in the Members' Only Competition of the Portrait Society of America. A short list of his numerous portrait commissions includes Peter McPherson, 16th President of Michigan State University; Thomas G. Kavanagh and Stephen Markman, both Michigan Supreme Court Justices; plus several deans of Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan. His work has appeared in articles for American Artist, ARTIdeas, and Classical Realism Journal.

In 2010, after two years of research and production, his painting The Signing of the American Constitution entered the permanent collection of the Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship, Washington D. C. Measuring 10-by-6-feet, the mural depicts the 42 men present when the Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. The Kirby Center is a facility created by Hillsdale College for furthering the understanding of the genius of America's founding.

Richard is internationally known for his portraits and landscapes.  Town and Country named him one of the top dozen portrait painters in America, and Fine Art Connoisseur called him "one of the giants" of figurative painting in the United States.  He has won over 50 regional and national awards as well as three grants from the Greenshields' Foundation of Montreal.  His paintings hang in over 800 public and private collections in the US and abroad; they include the Anchorage Museum of Art and History, the Anderson House Museum, the Newark Museum, the Pentagon, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford Universities, and the Catholic University of Portugal.  Memberships have included Society of Illustrators, National Arts Club, Allied Artists of America, American Artists Professional League, American Society of Classical Realism, Guild of Boston Artists, and Copley Society. He serves as board member of Art Renewal Center and is Chairman Emeritus of American Society of Portrait Artists Foundation. Richard's paintings have been on national cable television and the subject of numerous newspaper/magazine articles. He was cover-artist for April, 1982 of American Artist and featured again in April, 2002.  He is author of Painting the Visual Impression and co-author of the book Realism in Revolution: The Art of the Boston School and published letters of his master, R. H. Ives Gammell in Advice to a Young Artist.  His paintings have been reproduced in Edmund C. Tarbell and the Boston School of Painting.  To celebrate a half-century of painting, Richard recently organized a retrospective exhibition of 275 paintings and the stories behind them in The Art of Richard Whitney. Richard has painted in Europe, Japan, Alaska and the Caribbean, and lectured and conducted workshops throughout America.  He is listed in Who's Who in American Art, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in the 21st Century.

Sculpture Advisors

Well known for portrait busts and statues of great achievers, sculptures of athletes and dancers and his "Circle of Life" series, Marc's commissions include former President George Bush, Pope John Paul II, President Lee Teng-Hui of Taiwan, Winston Churchill, Kate Smith, award-winning actress Patricia Neal and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel. He has created dance figures honoring Agnes DeMille and Cynthia Gregory, and his sports bronzes have honored such luminaries as Michael Jordan, Chris Evert, Joe Namath, Mickey Mantle and Arthur Ashe; he also has created sports trophies for the NBA, ABC and CBS. Prestigious awards include those from The National Sculpture Society, Allied Artists of America, The National Arts Club, The Hudson Valley Art Association and the Salmagundi Club. In addition, he was recently honored with the Brooklyn College Alumni Association's Distinguished Achievement Award in the Arts. Marc also serves in leadership positions of The Artists' Fellowship, Inc., the Portrait Society of America and The National Museum of American Illustration.

An artist all his life and a graduate of the Pennsylvania of the Fine Arts, Mike Keropian has devoted decades strengthening his technical skills and knowledge in all forms of sculpture. Early on in his career, he established Keropian Sculpture LLC and began providing sculptural services and instruction to a variety of clientele. His experience and expertise in monumental sculpture led him to a commission for creating the largest tiger sculptures in the western hemisphere for Comerica Park Stadium, home of the Detroit Tiger Baseball Team. Since the turn of this century, he has focused on creating fountain and landscape compositions as well as creating historical tributes that include: RIT President Albert Simone and Mayor John Cesar; musicians: the Beatles, Louis Armstong, Edgard Varese, Frank Zappa, and Jimi Hendrix; businessman Kay Kobata; educator Wendell Scherer; Archbishop Alexander J. Brunett; Civil War Brigadier General Thomas Francis Meagher; Olympic runner Joe McCluskey; Master's Sun Lutang, Chang Tung Sheng, and Bruce Lee; racecar driver John Cooper Fitch; radio personality Bob Steele; sculptors Luigi Del Bianco, Walker Hancock and Karl Bitter; educator Elisabeth Bennet; actors Vic Morrow, Michael Dunn; and American Revolutionary Sachem Daniel Nimham. Mike is a Fellow and serves on the Boards of the National Sculpture Society and Hudson Valley Art Association. He teaches privately and currently at the Katonah Art Center and Silvermine Art Center and has won numerous awards and gold medals throughout the years. A current project is writing a book about " The Techniques of Creating Monumental Sculpture."

Music Advisor

Roger is an extensively published independent scholar of both music and philosophy and a lifelong professional musician (trombonist and vocalist) and composer. He holds an M.A. in music performance and literature (University of Iowa, 1971), a B.S. in music theory and composition (Iowa State University, 1970), and has authored major essays including Up from Oppression: Triumph and Tragedy in the Great American Songbook and his upcoming book The Care and Feeding of Chops: Helpful Hints for Brass Musicians (and Others). His musical arrangements have been performed at Disneyland and on the Tonight Show, and he composed the music for National Geographic Society's album "Westward Ho!"

Poetry Advisor

Walter's passion for poetry began in high school, where he won a Worcester Art Museum poetry prize awarded by Archibald MacLeish. At Brown University, he studied poetry with the renowned Blake scholar, S. Foster Damon. The greatest influence on his lifelong reading and writing of poetry in what he calls "the Great Tradition" was Antioch College professor, poet, and long-time Writer's Digest columnist, Judson Jerome. He has contributed to poetry anthologies, co-hosted a Long Island public TV show on poetry, and published three books of his poetry. In 2021, he published his Collected Poems with an introduction that makes the case that the defining characteristic of poetry is meter and that as T.S. Eliot wrote: "verse libre does not exist..."

Dance Advisor

Director/Choreographer whose work has been performed on Broadway in major productions such as "Mame" with Angela Lansbury. Diana also has choreographed originally created dance in concert and regional and international venues, including the Kansas City Opera, The Connecticut State Opera, The Providence Opera Company, The Habima National Theatre of Israel, and theaters in Budapest and Buenos Aries. On TV, she has choreographed for The Tonight Show and the Tony Awards. A member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, she also was Director of Dance and Board Chairperson at the Roosevelt Island Cultural Center in New York City.

Art Board Members in Memoriam

ART is incredibly fortunate to have enjoyed the professional and personal privilege of active support and advice from many highly accomplished and often world-renown individuals who, although now have passed away, remain in our minds and hearts with deep affection and gratitude. ART was established back in 1992, so it is not surprising that some of our favorite people in the world are no longer with us, but except for the early death of Frederick Hart, they all lived very long - some into their nineties - and productive lives. Thus, we who still serve the ART foundation, wish to honor those great individuals here:


As a major voice the art world, Joe was Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Brookgreen Gardens of American Sculpture Museum, Director Emeritus of The Museum of the City of New York, former Vice Director of Administration for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and former President of the American Museum Association. Throughout his long and productive career he also produced films, wrote extensively, and lectured the world over.

Was one of America's most highly esteemed sculptors, best known for his "Three Servicemen" Vietnam Memorial and the entire West Facade of The National Cathedral, both in Washington, D.C. "Rick" also held the patent for developing the method to cast figurative acrylic sculpture, and his output in that medium was not only innovative but also massive in numbers. An outspoken advocate of "art for life's sake," he was responsible for conceiving ART's Silver Rose as the foundation's symbol for beauty. His other advisory positions included The President's Commission of Fine Arts and Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture Museum. He was the recipient of the Henry Award (National Sculpture Society) and the quadrennial Presidential Design Excellence award. He was an honored member of The Cosmos Club, which elects only the most outstanding inventors and contributors to the field of science and other related disciplines. His life ended at the early age of 54, and the loss of his talent to the American art world and to the culture as a whole can only be imagined and lamented.

An extraordinary woman of many talents and strong values, "Betty" was a major supporter and patron of ART from its earliest days. She also served as Honorary Trustee of the Telfair Museum of Savannah Georgia, a Board Member of The Foundation for the Preservation of Traditional Values in the Fine Arts in New York City and a long-time active supporter of The Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchester, Vermont. Shortly before her death, she donated the funds to build the Elizabeth de C. Wilson Museum at the art center, where SVAC displays rotating exhibitions of visual art. Mrs. Wilson also was instigator and an early founder of The Allen Stevenson School Orchestra in New York City. She was married to the well-known New York City painter Orland Campbell.


One of America's most significant twentieth-century sculptors, "Angelo's" best known works are his national monuments, The Signer (Independence Hall, Philadelphia), and The Minuteman (National Guard Building, Washington D.C. and Arlington, VA - this image is also the official logo for the U.S. National Guard).  His exquisite over-life-size female nude (see Gallery section of this site) Reaching is situated in Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture Museum, a commission secured by ART's president Alexandra York and funded by ART Board of Director's member, Pierre Rioux. Other major pieces are in the Philadelphia Zoo and Civic Center, and his stunning Icarus and Daedalas fountain is in Little Rock, Arkansas. A renowned sculpture Mentor, he owned and operated an atelier in Philadelphia for many years and is responsible for teaching many of the finest sculptors in America, who are now well established themselves. Mr. Frudakis's portrait sculptures are too many to list, but they include John F. Kennedy. His numerous awards include the prestigious Prix de Rome and the Herbert Adam's Award (National Sculpture Society). Affiliations included: National Academician, Fellow; American Academy in Rome, Fellow; and National Sculpture Society. He is listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World

Founder of Lyme Academy of Fine Arts (Old Lyme, Connecticut), where she also chaired the Sculpture Department, Elisabeth's work is displayed in major museums, universities and corporations, as well as the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Forrestal, St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, and the Hall of Fame for Great Americans. She designed and executed medals for the United States Capitol Historic Society and the Society of Medalists. Her works have been featured in multi-dozens of notable exhibits, plus she received awards too numerous to list. Throughout her long life, she remained a major influence in the art world with indefatigable energy, a huge production of her own art, and an unending zeal in teaching others the demanding skills of superb sculpture.  She is listed in Who's Who is America and Who's Who in the World.

Was former Chairman of the Board of G. Schirmer, Inc., the largest music publisher in the United States. Rudolph's poetry appeared in the Yale Literary Magazine, Chronicles, The World and I, and ARTIdeas. His poem Stanzas in the Valley of the Fallen, presented officially to the Spanish Government, was emplaced on a bronze plaque in the office of the Patrimonio Nacional at the Royal Palace in Madrid. His many published musical compositions have been performed both in America and abroad.

Owner of Roslyn Targ Literary Agency, Inc. in New York City, "Roz" spent her entire life in the agency business. When she graduated from college she went to work for an agent and then became owner of that very agency. Her reputation is still word-wide.  Among many other notable authors, she handled domestic and foreign rights for Henry Roth, Jean Houston, Kathleen Winsor, Chester Humes, Joan Peyser, Clark Howard and Pamela Jekel. For all foreign rights, she represented John Dos Passos, R. J. Singer, Harold Robbins, and she garnered foreign rights for J. D. Salinger, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pearl Buck, James Hilton and Edna Ferber. She also handled all Simon & Shuster rights for Spain and Portugal. She was married to the late Bill Targ, Editor in Chief at Putnams and a major world-respected figure in the world of book publishing, especially for his ability to nourish authors and bring to fruition such novels as "The Godfather."  [Roz also represented ART's president Alexandra York and secured both domestic and foreign book contacts for her.]