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Richard Whitney's new book "Advice to a Young Artist - Letters From Ives Gammell" is Great Reading for any Artist or Art Lover

Ives Gammell was one of the most remarkable artists and teachers of the 20th century.  Perhaps more than anyone else, he taught the principles of representational painting to his students who in turn have helped initiate a renewed interest in classical painting world-wide.  Richard has transcribed all of Mr. Gammell's letters from 1965-80 and they are fascinating for what they reveal about his personality, his views on art and other artists, literature, music and life in general.  They also reveal what it was like to study with him.  The advice Mr. Gammell gave to Richard could apply to anyone interested in becoming an artist. This 106 page book is richly illustrated with 72 reproductions of paintings by Mr. Gammell as well as those of several of his students.  It available from Amazon or directly from Richard at www.crescentpond.com.

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