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Art Renewal Center and American Renaissance for the Twenty-first Century Joined

After decades of informal association, Art Renewal Center (ARC) and our own American Renaissance for the Twenty-first Century (ART) are now formally connected. ARC's Chairman and ART's president to serve on each other's Board of Advisers.

 Here is an introduction to Art Renewal Center (ARC) from ART president Alexandra’York's latest NewsMax article:  

Receiving its 501(c) (3) nonprofit status in 2002, ARC was founded by Fred Ross (Chairman), Brian Yoder, and Sherry Ross. The organization offers an online museum with thousands of painting and sculpture images to enjoy, but it is the impact on education and spearheading the now-burgeoning humanistic art culture out from the dismal ashes left from 20th-century nihilism that are its greatest achievements.

Education programs were begun by discovering the few schools and ateliers teaching in the established Western-heritage tradition � representationalism with intelligible subject matter � and made them known to students, often giving tuition scholarships. These efforts dramatically increased enrollment and produced accomplished artists creating a need for more schools; there are now 75 ARC-approved schools and workshops worldwide training thousands of eager students. ARC also sponsors a flourishing international Salon Competition. This year is their 13th International ARC Salon with over 3,750 entries from 69 countries and a touring show of winners and finalists exhibited recently in New York City at the Salmagundi Club that will travel to Sotheby's, Los Angeles in December, and then on to the MEAM museum in Barcelona, Spain.

Fred’s background and furtherance of realism in the arts is impressive: Founder and Chairman of the Art Renewal Center, he is also the leading authority and co author of a monograph on renowned 19th century French painter William Bouguereau.  His speeches and essays are read by over 300,000 art professionals, educators, students and fans each year and have become required reading in countless classrooms.  Fred is also a well known collector of 19th century European painting and of Contemporary Realism as well. All in one, he is art educator/lecturer; President of the Bouguereau Committee; art expert and collector, writer; artist; published art historian on the 19th Century; and Salon and Scholarship judge.

Welcome to ART Fred!  And thank you for joining our efforts to your own. 

IN ADDITION, here is the link featuring  ART on the ARC website as an official Allied Organization: https://www.artrenewal.org/AlliedOrganization/Search  

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