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Sherry Ross's RETURN OF THE VINETROPES is the First Book in a New Trilogy

A children’s book by ART member Sherry Ross has just been released and is a wonderment to read.  The first of her VINETROPE ADVENTURES trilogy, RETURN OF THE VINETROPES introduces Lucinda Vinetrope, a tiny, enchanting fairy-like heroine who glows, rhymes, and carries the history of her people seemingly vanished from the planet.  When she gloriously births herself in 12-year-old Sara’s New Jersey garden, friendship and wise and witty conversations with humans, squirrels, owls, and more lead to a diversified group effort to find her people, some of whom may have survived in North Carolina. If found, the Vinetrope civilization can provide clean energy for the planet as well as benefit humans in many other advanced ways, but even if found, the worry remains that the evil archenemy tribes of the “chargons” and the “vinkali” also may have survived to thwart the Vinetropes’ endeavors and, in fact, their very existence.  Imaginative characters—Owletta, Skitter, Apkin—and verbal accents—Scottish, ultra-refined English, squeaks, and squeals —plus vivid descriptions of a fantasyland not seen since early Disney movies (Oh, yes, the book series will become movies), and questions, answers, possibilities, doubt, and perseverance will captivate and inspire children to think independently and become their own best selves.  The value of dreams, purpose, rational goals, creative thinking, practical plans, friendship and communication with all sorts of “others,” are entwined into a story that will remain with children (and parents) for a lifetime.  If all that isn’t enough, the colorful dramatization of events and the sheer beauty of writing style, word choices, and Lucinda’s poems are enough to make one linger in the world of the Vinetropes from dawn until dusk between the covers of this elegantly bound and beautifully illustrated book.  We at ART can think of no better holiday gift for children ages 10-13 than entry into this fantastical land of lore that teaches subtly while entertaining mightily. Available at bookstores and Amazon.com

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