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Sports and Dance Subjects Exhibited

Commemorating the death of Muhammad Ali last June, a bust of the boxer that Marc did several years ago was featured (along with his highly recognized works, the NBA MVP Trophy) was featured in an exhibit at the Yogi Berra Museum in New Jersey, which included a variety of sports bronzes capturing moments in basketball, baseball, football, and more.  Soon after, he was commissioned to create a new bust of Muhammad Ali that now serves, in smaller scale, as the annual Muhammad Ali Voice of Humanity Honor.

His signature balletic bronzes that have used dancer models from American Ballet Theater were displayed at Lincoln Center in the Metropolitan Opera House, and he has just committed to adding to the series and displaying them again with ABT in 2017.  At the same time he’s been enlarging several pas de deux sculptures, including two inspired by British choreographer Christopher Wheeldon from his very well received contemporary ballet work After the Rain.   To help document these various dance projects he’s produced the prototype for a book, Sculpture of the Sublime – The Dance Bronzes of Marc Mellon.

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