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The Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia Honors "Angelo" for his Sculpture

“Angelo” has been a close advisor to ART from its inception, so we are proud to announce that he was recently honored for his sculpture achievements by The Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia on occasion of its 80th anniversary.  Angelo is first-generation Greek but American all the way; remember his significant THE SIGNER monument that stands outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  Remember, too, that it was our ART foundation that secured the commission of his wonderful REACHING over-life-size female nude that graces the grounds of Brookgreen Gardens American Sculpture Museum in S.C.  ART's member Pierre Rioux (now serving on ART's Board of Directors) contributed the funds necessary to donate that sculpture to the museum.  We salute Angelo for this latest accolade to his work and thank him for his generous support of ART and its mission.


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