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Daniel Graves, FAA Executive Director and ART Painting Advisor will open New York Metro area branch of FAA.


For the past 25 years The Florence Academy of Art has taught hundreds of students the important techniques passed on to them by generations of great painters. When they started, it was almost impossible to find this instruction anywhere in the world, yet they knew that there were students wanting more than what was being offered by art schools and colleges primarily focused on abstract art and self expression. They understood that they were going against the odds to teach sound established western art forms and the technical principals in drawing, painting, and sculpting. Today, the world is beginning to experience a growing art movement rooted in solid academic instruction, in which the students the Academy taught early on are now teaching their own students. FAA is rightfully proud to have played a major role in this movement, and the ART foundation is thrilled that large numbers of students around the world today are receiving this true academic instruction in the visual arts. Accreditation was the next hurdle for Daniel Graves, and we are proud to announce for him that The Florence Academy is now a fully accredited U.S. Certificate program.

Demand is high. FAA is already training students in Florence and Sweden who come from over 35 countries and who are graduating as accomplished painters and sculptors. The Academy, therefore, feels the need to feed the movement during this time of demand. Although there are numerous ateliers and schools in the U.S.--many run by FAA graduates--and though FAA routinely refers people to these schools, they have found a clarion call for a Florence Academy branch in America, specifically in the New York area. Their choice of a home building is an Art complex called MANA in Jersey City, New Jersey where there is great north light studio space. The building also specializes in art storage, and there are many galleries and private studios nearby. One of the biggest advantages is that it's 15 min. from Manhattan by subway. 

ART is proud to announce this new FAA branch, opening in January 2015.  And we salute Daniel Graves--one of three Painting Advisors to  ART--on this new achievement and endeavor.  FAA is accepting applications now.


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